Wow...a whole year since the last update. :( Wish I had more to show for it, but there's been such a slow down of stories since the finale...I've got one new (to this site anyway) story and a new movie review for "Eye See You".

Two new stores under "Other Stories" and "DSR". All stories that won Spooky Awards are now labeled. Also, I finally finished my review for "Striptease". :) Oh, and for those of you who didn't know or just forgot that the picture captions are now on their own site, you can now find pictures from Alias there as well as X-Files. :)

One new story under "Other Stories". One story has been removed and all stories eligible for the 2002 Spooky Awards have been labeled as such. And I found another fan reviewer for David's movies! :D Also added: my review of "Spy Kids" (WARNING! Excessive babbling ahead!). Go here to read the movie reviews.

Four new stories - one MSR, one DSR and two on the other romance page. And a new - hilarious - page of "Things You Will Never Hear Doggett Say". Plus, new reviews (neither one mine) of "Spy Kids".

Four new stories (one on each page)! And in the interest of keeping fanfiction (as well as this site) alive longer, I am in the process of archiving all stories. I will, however, leave the links up for as long as they exist, so if you want to see the story in html format, with dustjacket, the way the author originally intended or what have you, you can click on the link instead. :o)
EXCEPTIONS: 1) If the author specifically forbids archiving of their story, it will remain a link. 2) If the original link was to a text file, I will not leave it up. Why bother providing two links to the same file?
3) WIPs. Heck, if the author is still working on it they're more likely to keep the page up, right? ;) There are a couple other minor things, but what do you care, right? ;P
Also: the picture captions got a little too big for their britches, so I've moved them to their own site! :) Go here to see it. Updates to picture captions will be announced there from now on.
New reviews for "Fire in the Sky", "Striptease", "Evolution" and "Return to Me"! I finally found another fan reviewer for David's movies! I'm so happy! :oD Thanks Heidi!
Also, new rejected dialogue and a bunch of new fanlists on the links page. Enjoy!

Two new stories! (one on the DSR page and one on "other stories") There's also an update to Paige Caldwell's "Silent Lucidity" (also on the "other" page). All stories eligible for the 2002 Spookys are now marked. Also added: 77 (!) new picture captions (I had to split them up on two pages), one new movie review and a whole lot of rejected dialogue going all the way back to season 8!

Obviously, the index page has had a bit of an overhaul... ;) Also: new rejected dialogue and 13 new picture captions!

3 new stories (2 MSR and 1 DSR), new links on the "In Memoriam" page, new Rejected Dialogue, 2 new movie reviews, and 29 new picture captions! My fanfiction site has also been updated. Enjoy!

4 new stories (1 MSR, 2 DSR and 1 Other). My fanfiction site has been updated as well (see the new link on the main page). 34 new picture captions, new rejected dialogue from "Provenance/Providence" and Audrey Pauley. The "In Memoraim" page (now pages) has been revamped and updated. I've added several links to the link page, plus, a new review for "Evolution"!
From now on, updates to this site are likely to be few and far between. For more information, click


Well, I've reformatted everything! Cool Page is a wonderful program and everything...I would recommend it to anybody - if you can buy it! But I can't, so...
Anyway...11 new stories (1 MSR, 3 DSR, 3 in the new "other romance" category, and 4 in "other stories") plus a new page for "Featured Authors", 33 new pic captions, five new movie reviews and some new rejected dialogue for "Hellbound".

Two new stories, ten new picture captions and a new tribute to The X-Files.

Eight new stories by Finn, Anne H., Coolbyrne, JoB, Karen Rasch, Scifinerdgrl and Charlie; 23 new picture captions; a page for rejected dialogue (the page that looks like a crayon factory blew up); a page of "bestsellers"; a few added links; and a new page for awards and adoptions.

I finally got the outlet moved to its new location! I added several new stories. The authors whose stories I have archived might want to check out their listings. I've added comments to *most* of the stories. (I'm still working on comments for all the MSRs.)