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After Hours (NC-17)
By: LM Shard
Summary: Having just completed a case, Scully and Doggett spend some downtime together. Things get intense.
My comments: This story is relatively innocent... but...Oooooohhhhh! Quick! Somebody hose me down!! ;o)

August 12th (PG)
LM Shard
Summary: On the anniversary of Luke's death, Doggett is in need of comfort and there is only one person who can provide it.

My comments: So I'm a bit of a sucker for Doggett Angst... I feel a little obligated to archive this since I'm the one who came up with a title for it, but I do believe it is some of LM Shard's best work! :o)

Black and White Make Red (NC-17)
By: Jenna Tooms
Summary: Familiar elements make an unexpected equation.
My comments: From the first sentence, you will be hooked! If you are a shipper, I encourage you to read any of Jenna's stories. She will make you a believer in DSR!

Breakfast (R)
Summary: Scully makes breakfast
My comments: Deliciously erotic! (no pun intended)

Café au Lait (PG)
Jenna Tooms
Summary: "No place was home, without Scully."
My comments: :::swoons::: Only Jenna could write such an erotic story and maintain a PG rating!

C'mere (NC-17) [website]
By: Anne Hedonia
Summary: An exploration of what is, in my opinion and in the proper situation, a very sexy phrase.
My comments: Ever since I read this, I start hyperventilating every time I hear Doggett say "c'mere". :::drools:::

Draw Down the Moon (NC-17)
Jenna Tooms
Doggett will do anything to protect his family--but how can be protect them when the threat is from within?
My comments: :::sigh::: Jenna? I love you! Never leave me! :o)

Falling is Like This... (PG-13) [website]
Summary: A first kiss story.
My comments: An adorably awkward attempt at a first kiss. You'll laugh, you'll sigh...you'll convert to DSR!

...Fighting Gravity (R) [website]
Summary: Sequel to 'Falling is like this,' a first kiss story
My comments: More awkwardness from our lovebirds. Now they're going beyond kissing...or they're *trying* to! :o)

Heartbroken (NC-17)
LM Shard
Summary: John Doggett had tasted Dana Scully and her love, and now, even though it had been torn away from him, he couldn't get her out of his mind or his heart, no matter how hard he tried.

My comments: Boy, doesn't that summary just sound dirty? ;o) This is probably the best straight romance story I've seen LM Shard write yet!
2002 Spooky Awards Winner! (Outstanding NC-17 DSR: Honorable Mention)

In Memoriam (PG-13)
By: Rihannsu
Summary: She thinks about memory as a tidal pool, filled with fantastic life and treacherous waters.

My comments: Wow. Just...wow. Ri certainly has a way with words! And she proves that comedic fluff is not her only area of expertise.

Indefinite Article (NC-17) [website]
Anne Hedonia
My comments: Anne has reminded me of why I love her writing so much...her wonderfully vivid descriptions! Quote: "Doggett glanced down at the trip odometer, noting with an almost silent sigh that they still had 80 miles to go. 80 miles meant one hour and 20 minutes more of sitting, in the car, with a beautiful creature next to him radiating untouchable womanly glory while he felt like an eighth-grader who rode the short bus and didn't know he had rutabaga in his teeth."

Insomnia, part 2 (NC-17)
By: Tasha
Summary: Mulder seems to be gone for good. Scully has left the X-Files, Doggett has trouble sleeping, and both of them have trouble dealing with what is left.
My comments: :oP~~~~~~

Island Exposure (R)
LM Shard
Summary: Scully and Doggett fight for survival as a case goes awry.

My comments: No sex at all, but WWWOOOOOHHHHOOOOO!!!!! ;o)

The Last Worthless Evening (NC-17) [website]
By: Anne Hedonia
Summary: A necessary emotional arrangement.
My comments: The queen of DSR smut! Right here! If this doesn't make you a dipper, nothing will... :o)

The Lioness (NC-17)
By: Jenna Tooms
Summary: Scully gets feral.
My comments: All I can say is: MRRROW! ;o)

Love is the Thread of Life (NC-17)
By: LM Shard
Summary: The world as they had known it ended that fateful autumn day in the year 2001.
My comments: The first sentence will *demand* your attention, and LM Shard's way with words will keep it! Within the first couple pages, I was almost in tears!

One Hundred Lines (NC-17)
By: Jenna Tooms
Summary: Two bodies, one night, one hundred lines.
My comments: Simple...sexy...beautiful!

Play With You (NC-17)
By: RPcrazy
Summary: Scully and Doggett wake up to a whole new life.
My comments: I usually think songfics are corny, but this one nearly made me short-circuit my computer with drool!

Refuge (NC-17)
By: Jenna Tooms
Summary: Scully seeks a safe place, and finds it.
My comments: Quote: "You'll be back in the field soon. You could probably use a refresher on self- defense techniques. I promise not to hurt you," he added with a smirk.
Scully raised an eyebrow. She never could resist a challenge, particularly one involving throwing Doggett around a little. "Okay," she said, "I promise not to hurt you either."
As a feminist, I absolutely *LOVE* this scene! I can't praise this story enough! Just read it, you'll thank me later!

Something Blue (NC-17)
Jenna Tooms
Summary: Happiness is a choice.

My comments: :::sigh::: Another reason why Jenna is quickly becoming my favorite fanfic writer!

Something Like Shrapnel, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (NC-17)
Anne Hedonia
Summary: Sequel to Dace Liepins' "Comfort During Wartime", wherein the phenomenon from that fic continues, and Doggett flails for sanity. Should you read that fic first? Yeah, probably - just to reacquaint yourself with the hows and whats and whens. Where can I read that fic, you say? Why,
My comments: Wow...I am just *loving* Anne's imagery! :o)
2002 Spooky Awards Winner! (Outstanding NC-17 DSR: First Place, Outstanding Doggett Torture: Second Place, Outstanding Doggett Angst: Third Place, Outstanding Doggett Characterization: Honorable Mention)

Tenderness (the author says PG, but I say R) [website]
Summary: `Now he would have given all he had or ever might have to hold her warm in his arms, both of them wrapped in one blanket, and sleep.' "Lady Chatterley's Lover"-D.H Lawrence (pages 149 and 183 res.)

My comments: Oh my lord...:::fans self::: This version of Doggett just makes me melt into a happy puddle of drool with a big, dumbarse smile on my face! ;o)
2002 Spooky Awards Winner! (Outstanding non NC-17 DSR: Second Place)

Victoria's Secret Revealed, part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (NC-17)
Summary: Scully and Doggett get to play baby-sitter to a witness' daughter, while discovering one or two things about life, the universe and each other...

My comments: I thought Forbes' D/Sk slash stories were good, but this is even better! :o) Or maybe I just think so because I like the pairing better... ;o)

Whiskey (NC-17)
By: Charlie
Summary: Pimp Daddy saves his whore. No, that's not right. I meant to say, Scully thinks she wants sex, however she realizes she finds more.

My comments: Man...if this story doesn't make you a little "hot under the collar"... :oP~~
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