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Brace (NC-17)
By: Tess
Summary/warning: Scully is forced to watch as Mulder is brutally raped by a man he helped to imprison years ago. There is a VERY lengthy and graphic rape scene as well as explicit language throughout. DO NOT read if this kind of material offends you.
Genre: Muldertorture
My comments: *This* is the kind of story that inspired me to write my DT series! :o)
2002 Spooky Awards Winner! (Part Four) (Outstanding Muldertorture: Honorable Mention)

Chosen (PG)
Summary: NONE
Genre: …I have no idea what this is, but I like it! :o)
My comments: I'm not a very religious person, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying this story. It is very intelligent and very well writen!

The X-Files Dating Game (not rated)
By: Kamakaze
Summary: NONE
Genre: Humor
My comments: Scully chosing between Mulder, Doggett and Frohike...there's a pannel huh? ;o) Yet, this story manages to make them *all* seem like bad choices! It's hillarious, trust me!
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Heavyweight Champ of the World
Beautiful Cynic
Summary: They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die...but what if you're only seven years old?
Genre: Vignette, Lukefic
My comments: This is a bit disturbing and depressing, but when I read it my jaw practically hit the ground. The style is wonderful; the story powerful.

Howling Wolves (R)
Summary: "There's this guy in my neighborhood, and some people call him strange..."
Genre: Post-colonization
My comments: If nothing else, I was blown away by the character Tasha created in Max. He just seemed to leap off the page and into reality. And her descriptions of events are almost tangible. Oh, just read it! ;o)

...In All The Wrong Places (PG)
Jamie August
Summary: Skinner sets Doggett up on the blind date from hell! What more needs to be said?
My comments: Doggett would have to be a saint to go through something like this without losing his mind!

Infested, part 2 (Not Rated)
Summary: NONE
Genre: Muldertorture
My comments: Muldertorture! The genre that got me hooked on fanfic in the first place! Not only is this a great Muldertorture story, it's a great X-file!

Labor Relations (PG-13) [website]
Summary: Written waaay before Essence/Existance so this birth senario is exactly nothing like what actually happened.
Genre: Humor
My comments: This one made me laugh so hard I started to snort. Which is not very ladylike, but I don't give a rip! :o)

Life's Simple Fate, part 2 (NR)
By: Ainon
Summary: Terminal illness forces both Mulder and Scully to accept inevitable changes in their lives.

My comments: Oh my God! :::sniff::: Bring plenty of tissues when you read this one!
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The Poe Mountain Horror *ZIPPED* (R)
West Shore
Summary: While a little Tennessee Mountain town revels in its new-found celebrity status as an alien abduction site, Mulder and Scully try to tell them that they are ignoring the real danger and are caught in the snare of an evil serial killer.
Genre: Muldertorture
My comments: This is definitely not a happy little story, but its characters are brutally realistic and frightening. It is an excellent - and perhaps a bit depressing - story.

Rest or Go On (PG) [website]
Julie Jekel
Summary: In a place outside of time, the Gunmen are offered a choice.
Genre: Post-ep
My comments: A truely wonderful tribute to the Lone Gunmen! Post- Jump the Shark.

Return Flight (PG)
Summary: NONE
Genre: Um…vignette?
My comments: A very simple story, but it really packs a powerful punch!

Roulette - Russian Style (R)
Mercury Number-One
Summary: Spin the cylinder, put the gun to my head, pull the trigger. Click.

Genre: Vignette, Angst
My comments: As with "Heavyweight Champ", I was absolutely blown away by this story. My jaw was practically in my lap by the time I finished reading it and all I could think was, "wow".

Sieg Und Verlust (NC-17)
Summary: The Apocalypse is at hand and G-Men Mulder, Skinner and Doggett bust their asses to fight for the future of mankind. They face life and death, good and evil, courageous heroes and dastardly villains. Redolent with testosterone, the language is harsh and the men are manly. And of course, there is a damsel in distress.
"So what's next, Agent Mulder?"
"The shit-storm of all time, Agent Doggett. You ready for it?"
Genre: Action/Adventure
My comments: All I can think of to say is...WOW! Read it! You *won't* be dissapointed!
Story removed by author's request

Silent Lucidity (NC-17) *WIP*
By: Paige Caldwell
Summary: What it is was all a dream? What if you wake to find that the man you loved was never abducted and the child you gave birth to never existed? Or did he?
Genre: Mystery
My comments: This author is a master of storytelling! She will have you drooling for the next installment! Unfortunately, this is a work in progress...if she doesn't finish it soon, I may go crazy! :o)

Tender Loving Care (PG)
Summary: the trials and tribulations of Dr. Florence Nighten-Scully

My comments: Oh, man! I don't know what to say, this is just funnier than hell! :D Poor Mulder... :::snerk::: ;o)
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Waking, part 2 (PG-13)
Doggett, Scully and Reyes coming around again.
Genre: X-File, Doggettfic
My comments: To be honest, I wasn't sure where to put this. It is both dipper and dripper friendly, but there is no *overt* romance. I am absolutely facinated by reincarnation stories though...to be honest, I think the reincarnation eps were what got me watching the X-Files in the first place! And this is probably the best reincarnaiton fanfic I've read! :o)
2002 Spooky Awards Winner! (Outstanding Doggett/Scully UST: Second Place)

The Weakest Link (Not Rated)
By: Sculegolity & AMAC251
Summary: NONE
Genre: Humor
My comments: I don't usually go for humor fics, but this was freakin' *hilarious*!
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