From the SHODDS mailing list:

I have to say I'm not completely surprised (I wonder how much those insane S9 bashers at the OS and ATXF had to do with CC's decision?), but OTOH, I'm... stunned. Devastated. Crying here at my desk, makeup running, and glad that everybody else is out at lunch right now.
XF hasn't just been a show for me, it's the very reason I went online in the first place, way back in 1994. It's the reason I've had free AOHell for the last 5 years. It's what got me back into writing, for cryin' out loud -- I'd barely written a word in the 3 years prior to my first fanfic, and I know writing fanfic has made me a better writer.
I wonder if the fan communities will stick together. I'll really, really miss all the friends I've made online thanks to this show.
I, too, will have to sit down and write a long letter to RP to thank him for his wonderful contribution to the show and for reviving my interest in it after S7. (Still kicking myself that I never wrote a similar letter to Nick Lea.) It's such a shame that his enormous talent was pretty much wasted since those damn Duchovbots couldn't move on and embrace something new. I do know that, if RP decides to continue in TV, I'll be watching whatever show he goes to.
Anyway, I hope at least this list continues. I'll need lots of encouragement to get through those final eps and beyond.
Damn, I wasn't even this devastated when St. Elsewhere, my other favorite show of all time, was cancelled...
Time for lunch. Too bad I don't feel like eating.

Before opening this email, the last time I had such a lump in my throat was when I saw "Australia at War" on the front page of the morning newspaper.
Sad and pathetic as it may seem, half my life just fell apart when I read this message.
I knew it was going to happen. There was no other option. But does that make it any easier to accept? It's out in the open and no longer can I stick my head in the sand and tell the world to kiss my ass.
It's gonna be awful weird next November.
To be completely truthful, I'm not so upset about the end of the show as I am scared about losing the friends I've made.
I've had more fun here online over the last year than I've ever had before in my life. My friends online don't give a shit what I look like, how fashionable my clothes are, or that I have a nasty habit of drinking an entire bottle of Coke and then burping for half an hour. <g>
I hold hope that even after the end of the show, we'll continue to come to SHODDS if only to keep in touch. Likewise with all the other wonderful groups to which I belong.
Sorry for the rant, but I just needed to get it out of my system.
"This is not happening."

I can't believe this is happening... I mean I knew it was going to happen sooner or later and I thought I would be prepared for it, but I never thought that it would hit me so hard...
I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, I don't know, I wish I could get rid of this horrible feeling that I have in my gut right now. I got so attached to this show. It got me through tough times at high school, every week if something bad happened I always had Sundays to look forward to. And now I'm in my third year of college, I wish there was just one or two more seasons to get me through it. It's funny how at the beginnig of the show, when i first started watching, I was so attached to Mulder, and now I realize that its Doggett and Robert Patrick that I will miss the most. It's not fair that we only had 2 seasons to get to know him and his character, there was and is so muchpotential for more great stories and so much more that I want to learn about the character... its just not fair. I never thought that I would get so attached to something and I never thought that a TV show would effect my life so much, but it has. It made my life better. and I'm going to miss it so much.
I'm so thankful for everything that the show has brought to my life. All the great people that I got to know and all the great times...

Okay, I can't exactly say I wasn't expecting this, but... wow anyway.
My week certainly isn't going to be the same... logging on every Monday morning to catch the reactions (hehe), watching it here on television every Thursday night (or whenever Channel Ten decides to put it on).
I'll miss seeing them on my screens every week (and although I don't like it anyway, I'll probably miss those long months of withdrawal because this time I *know* it won't be coming back), and in twenty years time I'm probably going to look back and laugh at how many weekends I spent playing rerun marathons.
Fandoms have a way of living on beyond the shows, though, if they're good enough. And the XF fandom has become huge and varied... yes, people have left and will continue to stop watching (and we'll have no other choice when the show ends), but there will still be many things that remain. Fanfiction, art, dedicated sites, as long as there are fans there will be a presence.
Yes, what we see on our screens will be over. The show will live on in the minds of those who choose to remember it fondly, and the movies -- guess we gotta take those as they come.
Just my two cents...

From the ATXF ( newsgroup:

To everyone involved in the production of this great show,
Thanks,I had a good time.

While listening to the news on the radio this morning the announcer said that the X-Files is officially ending at the end of this season. Fox has given up on it after practically begging them to keep things going longer than they should have.
Even though I haven't really liked the X-Files since Scully said "I'm pregnant", it has to go down as my second favorite hour long drama (Homicide is #1).
Thanks CC and the gang for the years of greatness.
Shaun G.

Even though I think the show should have ended last year and gone for a movie finale, it is still a little tough to see the official word it's over. I have been a loyal fan since day one, and have every EP on tape, and I just hope CC is true to his word and gives us some closure for the last nine years. Nevertheless, my sincere thanks to CC, DD, GA, et al for one of the best shows ever.

I thought I would be depressed and angry when this day came, but, strangely, I'm not.
I like the certainty of the announcement that this season will be the last. In some weird way, it's comforting.
Unlike at the end of season 7, when I was tense and worried over how things were going to go, this time I can relax and enjoy each remaining episode for what it is, an hour of entertaining television that some very talented folks have created for my enjoyment.
I'm happy that this decision has been made now. It means they can go all out on the remaining episodes, knowing where they want to end up.
I would be willing to BET we will see:
a clip show for the 200th ep,
a romantic relationship develop between Doggett and Reyes,
Duchovny return for the series finale (hey, if it was me, my ego wouldn't let them wrap this thing without me).
I HOPE we see:
the return of CSM
FOX promoting the ending of the series in the way it deserves
I FEAR we will see:
character death(s). I fear greatly for Skinner, and to a lesser extent, for Reyes.
I will GAG if we see:
any sort of wedding. ;P
Seriously, though, my only regret at this point is that I will miss John Doggett terribly. I will be pissed if they marginalize him in these last episodes, and I can't even allow myself to comtemplate that they might kill him. The character was the only thing that has kept me invested in the show these last two seasons, and I hope he gets treated respectfully as they wrap the story up. I am grateful to CC, FS and RP for creating this wonderful character.
Speaking of RP, I fully expect to see him soon in another good role. He stepped into a difficult position on the XF, and did a great job, and I think his talent and hard work will be rewarded. I would like to see him starring in another series, because I would love to see him become another character the way he "became" John Doggett. I hope the hours on the XF haven't put him off working in television. Whatever he does next, I will be there. He's made me a fan for life.
I have the morning free, and I think I will spend it writing my first ever fan letters to the people who have given me hours of high quality entertainment for the last several years.
It has been a blast, and I never expect to love another television show the way I have loved this one. :)
Liz W.

THE X-FILES will never really end... I expect.
Agree, disagree, or remain neutral - it doesn't matter. Someone, somewhere will always write this kind of weird shit.
Isn't life fantastic? Think about it, all the chances we have, all the moments we have to experience, everything we can learn from each other, all the pizza we can eat, all the cool things we can do for the down and broken, all the sex we can have.
X-Files... I'm gonna miss seeing you every week, you old pal.
Waxing melancholy

I, for one, will be sad to see it go... Yes, the glory days of the X-Files may have passed but at it's worst TXF was still better than 90% of everything else on television.
Not that TXF is at it's worst presently, as I don't believe it is.
Besides the X-Files (and 24 hr. news networks) I only watch two other shows with any regularity (NYPD Blue and Queer As Folk) so I guess I will be finding my TV a little less useful... maybe that's not a bad thing... I dunno.
I think Doggett and Reyes are wonderful characters and the actors who play them should be commended for stepping into a show and essentially replacing very beloved characters - it was a bit like being thrown to the lions I imagine. I hope any movies in the future will include them.

Thank you for 9 great seasons. Lets end it with a bang. :o)
( dimduk, grateful )

Not replying to anyone in particular, but I'm happy it was on and I'm okay with it going off. Nothing lasts forever and knowing when to make a graceful exit is key. Maybe the show didn't make the most graceful of exits, but which shows *ever* have?
I can think of a couple: mary tyler moore show, newharts (both)
Some people are getting too hypercritical about this whole thing, imho....:)

Thanks for the memories Fox! It's been a wild ride.

For a while there I didn't even really want it to go past S8, but I've been pulled in so much this season and last, I find myself sad by the announcement.
I know I'll get over that innitial feeling soon enough, and start to focus on the fact that they can focus on rest of this season being the best of the best, but I still don't know..
TXF is my favorite show on television, has been for some time, and I hate to see it go. Makes me all nostalgic...
Jenn, and just when I was beginning to get so hooked on Doggett

As a fan for a number of years, I am rather sad the show is gone.
I was never one to over-analyze the episodes, but I can say I enjoyed what I read 'here' for the most part.
The nay-sayers have their wish. I will expect them to jones for 'X' when it actually *is* gone.
Great TV, IMHO is not easy to produce, write, direct, etc.
In like kind, remember that every movie was not _Citizen Kane_, or _Casablanca_, ad naseum. It is difficult to dictate excellence.
Every X episode wasn't 100% either, but I feel we were better with the series around.
I lost a number of great TV series. Too bad this one has to end ;-(
Just *my* $.02

Hearing the news that the X-files is riding off into the sunset came as no suprise to me. It's too bad that Carter hadn't ended it when Duchovny left though. To me the X-files was Mulder and Scully. Just like the Beatles without Lennon or without just don't work.
Some history. I first started watching the show at the suggestion of my daughter. The first show I saw was "Ice". I was immediatly hooked. I was always facinated by stories of the paranormal as a kid and the show became one of my favourites. Having seen a UFO when I was seventeen was probably another reason I was drawn to it. The show had it all. Horror, comedy, drama and good visual effects. The actors were first rate. For me the best shows were from Seasons 2 through 4 . The other seasons had their gems but ....somehow after season 4 the show seemed to lose it's edge. But I stuck it out like most X-Philes. It's still better then most of the crap on TV these days.(In my opinion) So I guess we should thank Chris Carter for giving us one of the best shows of the past 20 years and for keeping the paranoia in us alive.
The truth is out there and the truth is there probably will never be another show like it

I loved the X Files. Watched it from Episode #1. Was one of my all time favorite dramas. Like most shows, went though changes, some good, some bad. Had some of the best acting and writing in television - as well as some marginal and a few mediocre moments.
The shows will live on in syndication, DVD, a feature or two and probably everyone except David will show up on a "Weakest Link" episode in 5 years (yeah, like *that* show will last...)
It was a great run and I'm sorry to see it go. Especially since I worked on the show for the last 4 years.
Unemployment is a real bitch...
Rob Petrie

Hi everyone. I think everyone needs to take a second and understand that the real blame for any character on a TV show that doesn't seem to rub us right should be put on the writers and directors of the TV show. Its the writers and directors who bring the character to life -- the actor just puts a face on it (and attempts to add a few traits as well). AG hasn't had an opportunity to really (sorry, the writers of X-files have not given the opportunity) to open up the AG character. Any on-camera time seems to be conflicted against Agent Scully. We all seem to like Agent Scully so any other lead female character trying to get some camera-time won't go over too well with anyone. I'm not sure what the writers/directors and producers of X-files want to go with the AG character, but we all know that it's probably not even worth it now because the show will be canceled. I personally thought AG was intentionally (sp?) put on the show to give x-files a new set of Mulder/Scully like agents -> but this time its the guy who is the skeptic. Nevertheless x-files has given all of us a new way of looking at TV shows. A few unusual camera angles here and ambient lighting there (or the lack thereof of lighting) and a few mysterious characters spread all around kept the show very exciting and interesting to watch (and talk/write about).

It may not live on the screen forever, but it shall live on in our hearts.
The X-Files: September 1993-May 2002

From the X-Files Forum:

While we can all argue over trivial things like minor plot inconsistencies and when the show started to go downhill...or whether it went downhill at all!!, the one thing that we'll all remember and will be remembered for a long time to come is that this show was one of the most different shows on tv. Sure aliens and scary stories had been seen on tv before but not the way the x-files did it.
Aside from having extremely innovative storylines, at the center of all this madness were two agents who turned into pop culture icons. I, myself, did not really watch that much tv before this show. I had never been obsessed with something with magnitude that I became obsessed with this show. Then again, I had never seen anything like this show before. Thank You to all the people involved in making this show from the writers, actors and directors to the special effects and behind the scenes people. It was an interesting ride.

I knew it was gonna end soon but it never fully sank in. **sighs** This was one of the only shows that I really really enjoyed and talked about.
I think what I'm going to miss most about it is coming on here after every episode and talking it over with all of you.. Also, I'm gonna miss looking forward to all the new episodes and wondering what's gonna happen next and all that.
I'm also going to miss my Sunday night ritual... I always used to go to bed right after I watched the ep and came on here and then.. Well, the X-Files not "just a show" for me. Whenever I was kinda upset or anything, I'd watch one of my XF tapes and as cheesy as this whole thing sounds, I would feel a bit better sort of.. While you're watching it its like you're in a whole other world.
It's kinda sad to think that in a few months this will all be history. I'm gonna miss you guys! **goes around and hugs everyone**

I'm sad and relieved. I'm listening to REM 'Everybody Hurts' it feels appropriate for this time. I'm going to miss The X-files more than my cat who died last year! (Sorry Snow! you were a wonderful cat, but you were not as intellecually stimulating XF! I love you, go find a sun spot to lie in... isn't cat heaven lovely?! :looks at the people looking her strangely: WHAT!?) I now am determined to find out how I can upgrade my CD-rom to DVD so I can have the REAL excuse to buy all the Season's on DVD.
:in the voice of Sarah Cavanaugh in 'The Field Where I Died':
"I miss you..."
That's how I'm going to feel.

As The X-files era comes to an end, I can only think back to the days that meant the most to me. Sitting alone at home on Sunday evenings watching the only TV show to make some kind of impact on my life. The X-Files was not only a great TV show, but it got ones mind thinking "but what if?". The most memorable times of my X-Files obsession would be the following:
1. Max Fenig (my true idol)
2. The Syndicate
3. The Lone Gunmen (Without which, the X-Files would lack)
4. The M+S relationship (I'm no shipper, but I find it cute)
5. CSM (The Darth Vader of TV lol).
There are so many other great aspects of this show, I can't name them all, those were just the ones off of the top of my head.
When I found out that The X-Files was ending after Season 9, my heart skipped a beat. I can't believe that after 9 years, its over!! *I need a huggle* :*(
Feedback welcome...I'm off to cry WAHHHHHHHHHH :-(
Craig a.k.a. Deathchimp

I feel a deep sadness that a show that has been such a part of my life for the past nine years will end. For gracious' sake, I had TXF before I had my *children*! (And I tell ya, with four children I really needed a great show to dive into <g>.)
I completely understand CC wanting to end the show while it's still very much quality television. I've always said that even the poorest episode of TXF was better than 99 percent of the crap Hollywood pumps out anyway. I'm glad it's going out that way. To paraphrase the Movie, to CC I would say "I owe you everything...and you owe me nothing." Thanks for your gift to us, the lifelong friends I've made because of this show, and the pure joy your characters have brought.

[I feel] Sad and relieved at the same time. Sad, because we are losing one of the great tv shows on tv. There is so little intelligent programming out there. Relieved, because it was time to end it. The writers, producer and actors were exhausted and burned out. When you get that way it's time to leave. I'm just sorry that RP and AG won't have a chance to show us all of what they're made up. I have already seen some good stuff out of RP and recently became a fan. I've not heard much about AG, so I'll keep a look out for her new stuff as well. I will, of course, continue to check out DD, GA and MP's new stuff.

The news has given me a measure of peace about Season 9. And somewhat restored my faith in CC et al, now that I know they realized it wasn't working. Before it was frightening to think they honestly thought the show was great in Season 9 and were planning on continuing. I feel for Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish, and the rest of the crew (even CC and the writers) that they worked their backsides off and just couldn't make it work. It never worked for me. Well, actually I liked the idea of Dogg and Reyes. I liked the idea that the show would move on to new characters and keep Mulder and Scully for the movie series. But that's not what they did. They betrayed Mulder in Season 8 and forced him and Scully to be salesmen for Dogg and Reyes, then they took Dogg who was interesting because he wasn't Mulder and tried to remold him into a Mulder wannabe and started making Dogg and Reyes into M&S wannabes. I out.
But this news gives me hope. Hope they will let Dogg and Reyes be their own characters now. Hope they will write a finale that is decent enough that DD will agree to be in it. Hope that they'll bring back the quality writing that's been missing lately.
I can watch the rest of Season 9 now, knowing it's going to end, and savor all this show *has* achieved over the years.

I grew up on The X Files. I may have been a totally different person had my obsessive personality fated to endear me to a Friends type show. I have to heartily thank the cast and crew for making me think about things in new ways, broadening my horizons, and teaching me about passion, dedication, and the importance of having faith to look for the things most important to us. After 9 years of having the pants scared off me, being made to think, laugh, cry, and wonder, I can't help but feel sorry for those who never got to delve into this world that we carry inside us now. They missed one hell of a ride.
We know the Truth now...and it's that the journey is only as good as those we've shared it with. Thank you, fellow philes, for your intelligence, humor, and depth of devotion. Let's party while we still can...we may never come this way again, but we'll always have each other!

X-Files was unique and there will never be anything else like it.

The X-Files 1993 - 2002 Rest In Peace
A sad, sad day.
The show I grew up with has come to a close.

It'll be a bit difficult to find something else to do on Sunday nights, since it's routine for me to watch it every Sunday evening. It will probably feel a little weird and a little empty for the first several weeks, but I'll get over it (there's always reruns).
I've had minor disappointments in the show sometimes, but I will miss it a lot. Of course, I do have episodes that I absolutely hated, or certian things I didn't agree with and it's all right. I'm sticking with the show to the end, and I hope that I'll gain some kind of closure after the series finale.
It's been a great four years for me, and I am very thankful that I was and still am a part of the fandom of this cult series.

It's kinda wierd. I've loved and lost interest in a lot of TV shows, Like Friends and Buffy (but S6 is good so far). It might sound like complete b******s to some people, but I've been watching the show since I was 11. Yes, 11!! I'm now 17, and it's been this one constant 'thing' in my life as I've grown up - it's always been this bizarre TV show like I'd never seen before. I've not seen S9 yet (I'm a 'lucky' UK fan) but IMO S8 was a lot better than S6 and S7 - getting rid of the shiny happy 'gloss' that most cases attracted, and returning to the dark, gritty roots of the series. It's my third fave season, and I love Doggett/RP. It's just a shame that more 'fans' didn't give him a chance.
But it's had a good run - there have been low points and high, but I'll miss it dearly. It's gonna be weird as I watch the season finale - there'll be nothing to look forward to. I mean, what show am I gonna worship? Buffy's there, but its no X-Files.

Me, personally, I have mixed emotions. I have been a loyal, and dedicated fan of this show since the pilot aired back in 1993, I was only 11 years old when I first started watching The X-Files, and I fell in love with it immediately, and haven't stopped loving it since. Season 9, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, just hasn't been able to keep the fanbase happy, and I'm not holding CC or FS, or Robert Patrick, or Annabeth Gish, or anyone else involved, including the writers for the downfall in ratings this season. They all gave it their best shot, especially ROBERT PATRICK, I know alot of people hate the Doggett Character, but personally, I think Robert is an extraordinary actor, and he tried his damn best this season and last season to give something to the fans to enjoy, and speaking for myself, I did enjoy his performance, I think he did a great job.
I'm sad to hear the news that this will be the last season for the x-files, but at the same time, I know that it is in the best interest of the show, and that all things happen for a reason, and perhaps this may lead to better things, such as a sequel movie, or perhaps a movie franchise, which would be great.
I know I am going to cry when the last episode airs, but I will keep watching the re-runs on syndication, and you can bet that I will buy each and every single DVD box set FOX releases, so that I can enjoy and remember the show forever.
Chris Carter, if by the odd chance you happen to read this, I just want to thank you for giving me something that has given me a great deal of joy and entertainment in my life.

I have watched the show since the very first episode and it was and is the only show that i am truly loyal to...X Files has opend my mind to the paranormal because caracters like "Mulder and Scully" could be seen as normal people and their investigations and the way they "as individuals" handled them, was made so life like!
Over the years the episodes have varied and given us a taste of lots of different "scary, gruesome, and funny story lines", always something to look foward to!!
The show has changed in a way that it grew to focus mainly on the characters, I'm not sure if that's the way cc wanted it to go, but I love the fact that, the main characters Mul & Scul became people that we could understand and know more about than most of the people in my family... They have grown from trusting partners into best friends and then into a new ground of love "that was realy there all the time", and then new characters have entered which for me was a fantastic chage, and even though Mul has been out of allot of episodes, I think the ideas to work round that were fantastic and still are because even though a character isn't there, they don't actually dissapear from the stories....!
The introduction of "baby William" is absolutly wonderful, I love the fact that it's Mulder and Scully's and definatly think of it as a plus in the way the X Files has changed, I think the baby has extended Scully's character and has created a stronger bond between her and the hideing Mulder.. who expresses his feelings by E mail "sweet" (excellent idea cc) because now he has a family and even though DD isn't realy in the 9th season where reality is the program he is, in what ever form he may take (the man in the shower/ the e-mail/ perhaps hiding in a quarry)it's a fantastic change and it shows allot of tallent in the making!!
Dog Man & Moni are wonderful, we needed some more people we could trust and the choice of actors was exellent,thay have been the extension of the ladder, and have proven that the show is realy versatile with its contents, their caracters are so interesting and fit in realy well with the show's other talents...well done you guys!!
I would Personally like to thank the show for every single inch of every single episode and everyone who made them possible, you have given me everything I could get out of Television and so much more...
"Do not stop giving...because i can't stop taking!!!"

I just want to say goodbye & thank you to everyone. The x-files has changed my life dramatically. I started watching it exactly 3 years ago this week by accident. I was watching fox and I was too lazy to find my remote so I just started watching it and after watching 1 episode I was hooked. Before watching that episode I didnt believe in very much. I believed in ghosts a little but now I am obsessed with anything paranormal. I find myself watching the tv guide channel looking for something about ghosts or aliens or conspiracies. The only sites in my favorites are about the x-files or paranormal stuff. I even have my own x-files club called the X-Phile Chicks. I have 117 members, a website, & a delphi forum. All of my teachers and friends automatically look to me when something about aliens comes up. In 8th grade I did my speach on the x-files and I brought in the movie and we got to watch part of it in class. I have over 40 tapes of the x-files I taped off of tv & I have the movie on VHS DVD and the book. I also have 6 posters in my room. It's my life. And I just want to say goodbye in the words of Michelle Branch:
"Of all the things I've believed in / I just want to get it over with / Tears form behind my eyes / But I do not cry / Counting the days that pass me by / I've been searching deep down in my soul / Words that I'm hearing / are starting to get old / It feels like I'm starting all over again /The last three years were just pretend / And I said, / Goodbye to you / Goodbye to everything I thought I knew /You were the one I loved / The one thing that I tried to hold on to / I still get lost in your eyes / And it seems that I can't live a day without you / Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away / To a place where / I am blinded by the light / But it's not right / Goodbye to you / Goodbye to everything I thought I knew / You were the one I loved /The one thing that I tried to hold on to /And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time / I want what's yours / and I want what's mine / I want you / But I'm not giving in this time / Goodbye to you /Goodbye to everything I thought I knew / You were the one I loved / The one thing that I tried to hold on to / The one thing that I tried to hold on to / And when the stars fall /I will lie awake / You're my shooting star"
It's nice to know I'll still have reruns & the movie(s) to come but I'll miss scrambling to set my vcr & to find a blank tape every week.
Goodbye to The X-Files

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