David Duchovny and/or Gillian Anderson:

For giving life to the most exciting character on TV.
For giving a 110% when most would have giving up.
For not bad mouthing the X-Files when it began to falter.
I can only hope CC gives Scully a decent sending off and repairs the damage he has done to her character this season.
No need to wish you all the best for the future people already know what an excellent actress you are (esp. if they have seen House Of Mirth) so I hope you will be happy in what ever you do.

[To Gillian]
I'd like to second everything that has been said. Your a fab actress and I am gonna miss seeing you on the small screen. I have watched the X Files from the very beginning and you have been an inspiration not only to myself but to many people around the world. I can't thank you enough :)

I feel a nostalgic happyness right now... being on TXF has prevented her to do other things she wanted to... it even had an influence on her being with her daughter... But I can't stop thinking that I will miss seeing her every week on my TV terribly!!!
Thank you for your extraordinary acting work... thank you for giving a face to a marvelous character and for bringing her to life in a credible way... thank you for the laughs, tears and moments of major stress during the show...
Thank you for being such an inspiration since I first watched you playing Scully...
Thank you for all the memories of Scully that I will cherish forever...
But above all... Thank you for being you!

I want to thank you for opening my mind a little more to the world. I want to thank you for making me see the error in my judgement when I first saw you. I admit, at first glance and with all the rumors swirling around you during season 5 on being a difficult actress and a b*tch, I quickly sided with the press. But then after thoroughly thinking about those statments, I realized what you were fighting for... equality between men and women in the business. I want to thank you for taking the job as role model serious and showing young girls the importance of being a strong and independent woman. I want to thank you for not playing up to society's image of beautiful but instead being yourself. I want to thank you for introducing the world to your talents as an actress. And I want to thank you for being someone who I can look up to, personally and professionally.
I know that success will follow you from here on out. YOU ROCK,GILLIAN!

Despite being heartbroken at their leaving the X-files, I'm thankful that GA and DD stayed as long as they did on the show.
Their characters -- which I feel do reflect quite a bit of their own personalities -- touched our hearts for a long time. It was really great to watch a love story develop that was based on something besides just sex for a change. I hope the best for both of them.

Dear Mr. Duchovny,
Thank you for entertaining me, my loved ones, and my friends every Sunday night for so many years. I appreciate your returning to do it again.

I just can't say that enough!!! <g>
Julie (JG27)

Yes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH David to make time to give us a unforgettable goodbye from Mulder.
It wasn't the same without you, and I missed you dearly!
My love to you and your family, God Bless.
DD4me2 (Franci)

Dear Mr. Duchovny,
Thank you for entertaining us, every Sunday night for so many years. Without your talents and charm there would be no Mulder. We appreciate your returning to do it again. Good Luck on your current and future endeavors, forever a fan.
Best Wishes,

Dear David,
I would add my thanks to all the others expressed here! Your presence on the XFiles has been such a joy to watch for so many years. The stories have always been exciting and intriguing, and the production values of the show nothing less than incredible, but the heart and soul of the show, to me, has always been the Mulder-Scully relationship as it has grown and matured over the years.
The completion of that bond, which I hope will be part of the finale, could not really happen without your presence.
Thank you for giving back that time to the fans who have loved you, Gillian, and the show for so long. Good luck in all your future plans, and may God bless!

David you Rock! Keep the Soul Patch!!

well..... if he is reading this (which he's not but i'll pretend he is...)
David.......... I love you! thank you for coming back for the finale. It will provide all the fans with the appropriate closure for the most wonderful show on earth. Thank you for making The X-Files the great show it has been for the last 8 years, and thank you for coming back to finish off the series with a bang. It means the world to me, and to the rest of the fans. We all love you!!

Allyson aka InLoveWithDD

David is very whitty! Oh, did I mention TASTY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[there's a thank you in there somewhere, I'm sure... ;)]

To David (Fox Mulder)......thank you for being a wonderful part of what I consider to be a great part of television history.you and Gillian Anderson have made the x-files a joy to watch and it will always be my favorite show of all time. I rather don't think you will see this ,but if you do or any of your friends and family do.....I just want to thank you so much and thanks for coming back to bring the x-files to a proper end. thanks again and good luck in the future!!!!!!!!! p.s. hope ya come in 2nd x-file movie....:)..........THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE !!!!!!

Robert Patrick and/or Annabeth Gish:

November 30, 2001
Dear Mr. Patrick,
I just wanted to take some time to tell you how much I appreciate you as an actor. I have been an X-Files fan almost from the beginning. I love the mythology of the show and how it really makes you think. Although I was skeptical at first about the addition of the character of John Doggett to the show, (I thought I would hate The X-Files without Mulder and Scully being the central characters) I ended up liking him more and more with each passing episode. I love his straightforward, cutting-through-the-crap attitude and the protectiveness and respect he shows Scully. He is a true gentleman with honor and integrity. You have brought new life to The X-Files with your wonderful portrayal of Doggett and with the enthusiasm I hear you have for the show and the role. Thank you for sharing your great talent with us; I so enjoy watching you every Sunday night.
Ever since seeing you on The X-Files I have become a big fan of yours. I have also seen several of your movies, of which some of my favorites are Terminator 2, A Texas Funeral, Fire in the Sky, Asylum, and Hong Kong 97.
Some of my internet buddies on the SHODDS mailing list (a list where you and your character of Doggett are loved and adored) have had the fortuitous opportunity and honor of meeting you in person. They say that you are a very friendly gentleman who takes an interest in his fans and actually takes time out to talk with them and make them feel special. This is so wonderful to hear, especially since many actors seem to be aloof and uninterested in their fans. I hope that one day I might get the opportunity and the honor to meet you as well so I can tell you in person what a wonderful actor I think you are, and to thank you for the excellent entertainment you provide.
I hope you know that you have a very large fan base. There are many websites out there on you and/or Doggett. Even I stumbled through learning how to make my very first website (along with a friend who also had never made one), featuring Doggett and Mulder. The address is
www.thefoxandhoundx-files.com if you ever want to take a peek. I have also written several fan fictions involving Doggett and Scully, and I enjoy this type of writing immensely. I, as well as many other people I have encountered on the net, would love to see a Doggett/Scully romance in Season 9. Hopefully Chris Carter will consider it!
Thank you for bringing John Doggett to life. Season 9 is already off to an excellent start!
Lisa Shard

One reason I'm sad to see the show go at this point is Robert Patrick. I have to say I not only enjoyed watching him on XF, but Agent Doggett is the reason I actually still looked forward to watching XF. RP has been a class guy on and off the set.
He didn't deserve all the negativity towards him by immature fans, who stomped their feet like children when Duchovny *chose* to leave.
Hats off to you RP!! Looking forward to seeing you again in another role, keep us posted!
Robin T.

! thank you AG and RP for makin season 9 great...you guys kick @$$....no matter what anyone else says! well..we love you guys!

They deserve great thanks for having the guts to step in on an older show and carry it during what they knew could be its last days. I hope they get to be in the movie, too. So, Mr. Patrick and Ms. Gish, thanks for being there, and I wish both of you the best of luck with your careers. And don't think all of your hard work on The X-Files was for nothing--both of you have picked up at least one new fan. :)

Thanks Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish. You guys did great! Wish we could have seen more of you... Hopefully will see you in the second X-Files movie.

Dear Mr. Patrick,
Thank you!
You have raised the standards for acting, professionalism, and decency on The X-Files. Your enthusiasm at the opportunity has been apparent from the moment you were cast as John Doggett - and we have appreciated it. Your decorum in the face of negative press reports and personal attacks from obsessed fans has been a revelation.
John Doggett was the reason I decided to KEEP watching the show - I will miss the character a great deal. There was a lot of potential there, now sadly abandoned.
I was fascinated by how you brought him to life - complex and deep - with so little aid from the writing staff (with occasional shining exceptions in scripts from Frank Spotnitz and Vince Gilligan).
Following two seasons of smug, self-referential parody which led me to believe 1013 no longer had an interest in its own creation beyond egoistic prattle, the eighth season opened with the addition of a compelling new character - tough, intelligent, and deep. Clearly, that was overwhelmingly *your* doing - and I thank you.
We all thank you for it - every X-Files fan who could see the new life you brought to the show.
Thank you for two seasons of hard work. I'll miss Doggett far more than anything else about The X-Files now, even though I'm a longtime fan. The personality differences and financial squabbles of previous years have left a mark on those seasons - Doggett is better than that.
May you have the best of good fortune following the end of this show. You have a talent that is rare in this business - and your decency as a man has always shown through.
Best Regards,

Dear Mr. Patrick,
What do you get when you put together all of the good luck wishes from the many wonderful people on this board with an actor of amazing range, talent and power such as yourself?
My bet is that you get one hell of a career! Your best days are still ahead of you. And you have many loyal fans who will be watching and cheering you on!
Good luck, best wishes, God Bless you and your family.

Let's start a Roar for a'Robert Patrick In-the-Buff Episode Before the Series is Out'!
Wearing nuthin' but his steel-blue eyes!
To any actual friends, acquaintances or relatives of RP: kiddddding, I'm kidding...
We'll be waiting for the cable resurgence of the show for that, natch!
He did a bang-up job of acting in 'John Doe', even if the script was not that brilliant...
Dollars to donuts that guy is gonna get some nice meaty roles in movies now. I hope so.

To Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish, the best new agents ever to investigate on our wonderful show!
Thank you for giving it your all, RP and AG!
Many happy future endeavors!
viva la XF

I know all of us are loyalists to Muldor (especially the women) but let's not forget Doggett -- I think Robert Patrick did a swell job as this character and would hope that he would go on to do more great work even after this show concludes. It is shame that this show has to end!! Especially now that both new FBI agents Dogett and Reyes have earned MY respect and I like seeing the new chemistry going on between those 2!
So here's one for you, Robert, I hope you're reading this!

Best wishes, RP! Luck, you don't need. You've got talent. You've created a huge fanbase here with TXF. We will follow your work!

I've been away from the boards for some time but when I heard that the show was ending this season I had to come back.
Robert....you are a talented actor. You definitely have a gift. It's amazing how you communicate with your eyes and your whole being.
Just know that you have an adoring fan base and that your work is appreciated by many.
May the good Lord be with you and your family.
luna chick (LUZDESOL)

I don't know what to say, I'm not good at this. Thanks for brightening our screens each week by playing Monica Reyes. You had to go through a lot of inappropriate comments from some of the viewers, but there are still a lot of us here that appreciated your time and efforts on the show. I wish you the best of luck in your future projects.

From the "Thank You Robert Patrick" board:

Dear Robert,
I have been greatly touched by your portrayal of Doggett. You've demonstrated a fierce and admirable passion for your work. You have shown the utmost class in dealing with bad press and narrow-minded viewers. I think what many of your fans appreciate is the respect and energy you put into a character whom we've come to love. You are amazingly talented and need to get a new agent who will find better roles that fit your capabilities. The X-Files is merely your springboard to bigger and better things.
I wish we had more time to get to know John Doggett and I'll watch the remaining episodes with bittersweetness. I'll definitely be on the lookout for you in future roles. (Hell, I sat through 3 hours of the cringefest that was "All the Pretty Horses" just to see you!)
I wish you all the best and thank you. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure watching you.

Dear Robert Patrick,
I don't have any hope that you will actually read this as I'm sure you have better things to do. I guess I'm basically writing this for myself.
Ever since the X-Files premiered in 1993, I thought of it as "that disgusting show my father watches". It wasn't until I started reading fanfiction that I became interested. I started watching the show, but I always had the remote in my hand - ready to turn it off the second it started grossing me out. It wasn't until last year that I truly started to love the show - gross episodes and all. I could credit this to the sudden change in writing and plotlines. They certainly were a big part of it. But I think what really hooked me in was your work.
I have a tendency to talk a lot while I'm watching television programs - mostly at the television - but when I watched the episode "Via Negativa" your performance stunned me into silence which - trust me - is not easily done! I can't even think of the right words to compliment you sufficiently on your work in that episode.
I almost feel foolish for becoming as attached to a television show as I have to the X-Files in the past year, but I think the X-Files meant more to me than I'm willing to admit. For several years now I have dealt with some rather severe depressive episodes. They never last long - rarely more than a day - but they still hit me hard and make me wish I'd never been born. I know that sounds rather harsh and melodramatic, but I swear I am telling the truth. The funny thing is: these bouts of depression have a disturbing tendency to happen on Sundays. But for the past year, no matter how bad they got, The X-Files always managed to cheer me up on Sunday nights.
I suppose I should really be thanking Chris Carter or FOX or whoever for that, but I'm not. I believe that what really got me to love the show was you. And I want to thank you for that. You have helped me get through what may have been the most difficult year of my life so far - however indirectly.
That probably sounds stupid coming from an eighteen year old, but I've never written a letter like this before and, to be honest, it scares me. I guess I'm afraid you will read this and think that I am just another crazed X-Files fan. Maybe I am. Maybe I'll regret having done this in the morning, but tonight I had to get this off my chest. I just wish I could think of the right words to adequately express my thanks to you. I will miss seeing your work every Sunday; and I assure you that I am not the only one. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
And now since I've most likely bored you to death - if you've even read this far - and I'm starting to cry, I think I'll leave it at that. I apologize for going off on a tangent like that. I just wanted to say thank you. And I truly mean that with all my heart.
Diandra Hollman <<

"Thanks" doesn't seem enough...But it's all I've got!
Mr. Patrick,
I just got the word today that this is the final season of The X-Files. Just wanted to let you know, as bizarre as it may seem, I shed quite a few tears. The irony is, I don't think they were for the show I've grown to love over the years. I think most of us fans have been somewhat expecting the axe to drop since season six; I've been looking upon every season thereafter as a kind of gift.
What upsets me the most is knowing the character of Doggett will be no more. We had such a short time to get to "know" him, and I'll always wonder what might have been. You really took the little that was given to you in terms of any kind of development and breathed life into the character. I have rarely seen such a perfect amalgamation of character and actor as I've seen with you and Doggett. And yet, there was even more to it than that. It was obvious you approached the job with an enthusiasm that had been lacking on the show for quite some time. You busted your ass to put out the best work you possibly could- I never once thought you had "phoned it in." Above all, you seemed to carry yourself with grace and class, and I can't thank you enough.
Don't be a stranger, ok? Television next fall won't be the same if you're not around.

...I'd like to say thank you!
Thank you for reviving a show that I was a first-hour fan of but which had been falling apart in 2 seasons' worth of less and less interesting stories and enthusiastic acting.
Thank you for taking on the challenge of taking on the role of a new character after one of the main stars had decided to leave. Thank you for the energy you put into filling the character of John Doggett with life and INTENSITY. I've not often had the feeling I could read the thoughts of a fictional character on TV!
You've always been one to inspire me to keep going on when going on didn't seem easy - thank you for being enthusiasm come alive.
Thank you for the many moments of happiness and delight season 8 brought with it.
There's nothing as bad as a good-bye. But this is only a good-bye to a show and a character that will live on in my heart. I'm looking forward to saying "hello" to your future projects - whatever they may be.
There's one thing I've come to trust in as a certainty: if your name's listed in the credits, there's at least one character with astounding depth in the movie - this kind of certainty is a seldom found rock to lean on in this world. Thank you!
I wish you all the best for your further career and life - stay an outstanding person, stay yourself!
JKG from Cologne, Germany
(who also wishes to say "thank you" to whoever invented VCRs ;-))

I was a fan of "The X-Files" from the very beginning, but I lost interest during season 6 and stopped watching. The show seemed to lose momentum. It was fairly obvious that the creative team and the actors were exhausted, and didn't have their hearts in it anymore. I heard that a new actor was joining the cast at the beginning of season 8, and on a whim, I decided to tune in to see how "The New Guy" would pan out. I have been addicted ever since.
The character of John Doggett brought in much-needed edginess and tension to a show that had grown tired and stale. From our first introduction to him during the infamous "Baptism-by-Scully" scene, I knew that I was hooked. The character was a wonderful mixture of no-nonsense grit, integrity, intelligence, and political savvy that we had never seen on the show before.
Although credit is certainly due to 1013 and its writers for creating him, even more credit has to go to Robert Patrick for bringing him to life. Even though we had surprisingly little backstory for Doggett throughout season 8, Robert Patrick brought an honesty and poignant humanity to this character, and it made Doggett *real*. The show was better for it.
So this is my rather clumsy (and egads - verbose!) way of saying "Thank you" to Robert Patrick for a job incredibly well done. I only hope that he knows just how much he is appreciated.

Thank you Robert Patrick for a fine job on the X-Files. We'll miss your skillful conveyance of the character. This show was my first exposure to you as an actor, and I'll be sure to watch for you avidly in the future.
* shakes your hand *

Dear Mr. Patrick,
I just wanted you to know that your portrayal of John Doggett is what got me watching the X Files again. The intensity and professionalism that you brought to the character hooked me from the begining of Season 8. I will miss this character very much but I know he will live long in syndication, movies and fanfiction! As for Robert Patrick, I am sure that you have a wonderful career ahead of you and with your performances in the Sopranos and as John Doggett I'm sure your fans will have plenty of other opportunities to see your work in the future.
A fan forever,

I can only say 'thanks' for coming on board and giving a great performance as John Doggett. It's a terrible shame that the show's ending but your mark as Doggett has really been made in XF history.
You'll live on in fandom and fanfic.
Warmest wishes to you and Barbara and your kids. Including the dog that peed on the Christmas tree.

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