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General Fanficion links:

The Gossamer Project

Mulder in Jeopardy!
The Doggeared Fanfiction Archive
Addicted to Doggett
Doggett Torture Anonymous
Whispers of X (NC-17 fanfic)
X-Files Most Unwanted (Doggett & Reyes)
The House of Fanfiction

Virtual Season Ten
("the Doggett one")

Fanfiction sites that focus on a particular romantic pairing:

Blown Away (MSR)
Love Shack
Slashing Mulder
Doggett Slash Archive
Shippers Who Like Doggett
Puppy Love (DSR)
Open Minds (MRR) [ site no longer exists :( ]
The Vision (DRR)
Gertie's Romantic-Angst Fanfic (MSR)
Legacy: The Shipper's Fanfic Archive
C'mere (DSR)

Fanfiction Author sites:

Spookycc's Fanfiction
Anne Hedonia's Fanfiction & Recs
The House of Lysandra
CindyET's X-Files Fanfic
Dawn's Little Shoppe of Stories
Fanfiction by Jenna Tooms

General X-Files Sites:

The Official X-Files Site
ROAD Runners
Rohan's X-Files Realm
The Doggett Dames
The Haven

The Red and the Black (multimedia)
Our Lord's Sluggy Wisdom (funny reviews)
The Official Doggett Defenders
World of X
X-Files Mania

Khristine's X-Files Page

David Duchovny, Robert Patrick, etc.:

The Patrick Philes

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