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An Acceptable Level of Happiness (NC-17)
By: Jenna Tooms
Summary: Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. Fortunately, Scully has Mulder, and Mulder has solutions.
My comments: A beautiful love story written by a master!

Birth: Ocean (PG) [website]
Summary: Scully is in labor, gives birth. Mood piece, no history given. The birth is with a midwife and a doula, no other care providers mentioned, and no mention is made of where or when the birth is taking place.
My comments: Luckily for Scully, Mulder is also there to help her through the childbirth process. :::sigh::: Where can I find a man like this in real life? ;o)

Captive Fox *ZIPPED* (NC-17)
Summary: In a land where women rule and men are chattel, young Fox Mulder is about to become Lady Dana Scully's most prized possession...
My comments: YES! Every feminist should read this!! Lines like "It's a husband's job to please his wife" brought a ridiculously huge smile to my face. This story is also very well written. It reads like a historical romance novel...but with gender roles flipped. :oD
PS - "Fox, I am a woman, and you are only a man." :::wicked laughter:::

Cheapened Things (NC-17)
By: MD1016
Summary: Basically sex and angst. Lots o` angst.
My comments: A great combination! This author does it wonderfully!

C'mere, Baby (NC-17)
Shannon Kizzia
Summary: No pain killer would take the edge off Mulder's anguish. All I had at my disposal was...me.

My comments: This story reminded me a lot of "Cheapened Things" (always a good thing, since I believe most shippers consider that story a classic). But in this story everything is - to quote David Duchovny - "gender flipped". :o)

Dawn Patrol (NC-17)
By: Octavian
Summary: A pair of 800 power binoculars can certainly help make the day go faster.
My comments: Ahh...voyeurism...ain't it grand? ;o) I mean, not that I would have personal knowledge or anything... :::blush:::

Day 17 (NC-17)
By: Khyber
Summary: The slipperier part of the seventeenth day of The Great Adventure. Two words--Tattoo Story. Erotica with character insight ( I hope. <g>)
My comments: You will *definitely* need a cold shower after reading this!

Dust Mites, part 2, part 3, part 4 (NC-17) [website]
By: Jori Remington & MoJo
Summary: A hot night. Adjoining rooms. A missing key. A rain storm. A leaky roof. One bed. Ahhh.... the simple pleasures of motel fic cliches.
My comments: Ooooo...So what if the hotel room is falling apart? Who cares! :oP~~

Hot Shower (R)
Susanne Barringer
Summary: Mulder and Scully get decontaminated, among other things.
My comments: M and S never even *touch* each other in this story, but you'll still need to take a cold shower after reading it! ::shiver::

Keeping Time, part 2 (PG-13)
Summary: To save a dying Mulder, Scully finds herself doing something she would never have dreamed possible.
My comments: Could Scully have ever had a revelation like this before season 8? Probably not, but who cares? That doesn't prevent me from enjoying this story...;o)

Lullaby Voice (R)
Summary: It's about food, kindness, murderous intentions and the stages of waiting.
My comments: I just *adore* the character interactions in this one! I especially love the snippy conversation between Scully and Doggett! :o)

Making Waves (NC-17)
Suzanne Schramm
Summary: Waterbed fic. In my universe Mulder still has the waterbed. Hint of a case file. Lots of water sport.
My comments: This story almost makes me wish I had a waterbed...of course, then I'd probably want Mulder along with it...:::fans self::: ;o)

No Vacancies (G)
Summary: Scully muses about the difference(s) between Mulder and Doggett.
My comments: A great - not to mention FAIR - comparisson between two wonderful men. :o)

Oxytocin (NC-17) [website]
By: Ambress
Summary: It's not over yet.
My comments: I'm not sure which character is in the most awkward situation here, but it's a small price to pay if you ask me... ;o)

Playing Poker (NC-17) [website]
By: Finn
Summary: Fluff and smut, cunningly disguised as a post-ep fic for Three of a Kind.
My comments: I would comment on this story, but I'm too busy drooling... :o)

Process of Elimination (NC-17) *WIP*
mimic117 and XochiLuvr
Summary: Variety is the spice of life.

My comments: Very witty! Also very in-keeping with Mulder's personality in that it is a dry, deadpan type of humor. ;o) Ah, yes, and I love TakeCharge! Scully. :o)
2002 Spooky Awards Winner! (Outstanding Series: Honorable Mention, Outstanding Humor Story: Honorable Mention)

Sacrificed (NC-17) [website]
By: Terma99
Summary: As his cold, bleak future overcomes him, Mulder seeks sanctuary in the last warm place he can find.
My comments: Certainly not a cheerful smut story, but still sexy as hell! :o)

Scent of a Woman IV - Tiramisu, part 2, part 3, part 4 (NC-17) [website]
Summary: Our beloved agents bring those flights of fantasy to life.
My comments: Terma99 makes me feel so inadequate as a smut writer...wow...

Wednesday (NC-17)
By: Shannon Kizzia
Summary: "How bad do you want me, Mulder?" What a double-edged sword. That question meant so much. Yet there was only one answer. "So bad."
My comments: Dominatrix Scully! Submissive Mulder! Let the games begin!

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (NC-17)
Jenna Tooms
Summary: With apologies to Raymond Carver. Mulder and Scully talk about love and eat pie.

My comments: Jenna writes beautiful fantasies and yet manages to bring them down to a realistic level. It's one of the reasons I love her stories so much and this is a perfect example.

A Words Interlude: Early Morning Words (NC-17)
By: Karen Rasch
Summary: This is fun. Nothing more. Erotica warning ahead. No plot. (I think "No Greater Love" cured me of that urge for awhile.)
My comments: I think this is technically part of a series, but I think it stands on its own quite nicely... dang it...I'm drooling again. ;o)

Worth Breaking *ZIPPED* (NC-17) [website]
By: Narida Law
Summary: Mulder and Scully embark on a relationship neither is able to handle, and the question of what is or isn't worth breaking must be answered.

My comments: This is a rather long story, but it will have you hooked until the end!

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